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Learn About Fatty Liver Disease - the Silent Killer

We've created a detailed resource to help educate and guide you towards your best life - with Meyer Care.

- What should I test for?

- What lifestyle changes should I make?

- What does the science say?

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Learn about NTA-34®

NTA-34®, formulated by Meyer Care, is a targeted, fast-acting supplement to begin fighting Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by accelerating fat metabolism and enabling liver repair along with helping to regulate insulin production and blood sugar.

Used along with diet and lifestyle modifications, NTA-34® is a premium formula, with pharmaceutical grade quality control standards applied from raw material synthesis through to shipment.

Live your best life with NTA-34®.

Is it time to take action?

"Diagnosed with a fatty liver, insulin resistance and high cholesterol, I knew something had to change and NTA-34 helped me kick start then win the battle to reclaim my health. I was the first to test this protocol, and it was life-changing"

- T.J., Meyer Care Founder

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